With Her And Without Her

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How do you do? Jill lives like a queen.

Will you really

Including her own laptop Teddy bear love. Rub my belly.

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Jill loves to dress up Play dead. Snug as a bug. Are you ready for winter?

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Jill is a real hard worker. Jill keeps up with public holidays. Jill loves a party. Jill has her own private living quarters. A mug fit for a princess.

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  8. Who's that girl? Jill is honored, naturally Does Jill think she's a dog?

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    Jill has become body art! Jill loves to snuggle. The bond between these two is clear. Sleepy Jill. She's just a girl that likes to hang out Predictability: The Problem with Emotional Fusion. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

    Living in a World Without Her

    My wife and I have this issue. However, any examples to explain the emotional separation or differentiation would help. I do understand the general meaning of differentiation from business management perspective where one business differentiates its products and services from others.

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    From a personal stand point what do you mean by differentiation? You actually can care more deeply for someone if you are less emotionally reactive. Emotional reactivity includes getting angry, becoming cold and withdrawn, and being overly-accommodating to pacify the other person.

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