The Drummer Boys Prayer

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During the Civil War, in the most grueling circumstances, a Jewish physician operated on a year-old drummer boy.

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My boys and i listen to yous daily on the way to school. It has been such a blessing.

The day the book was offered we were listening and my 10 year old said mom you need to call and order the bookk for me called the drummerboys prayer. So i did he watched daily for the book to come in it was awesome to watch his heart become so excited the day it came in. The program and all you do is such a blessing the lives you touch thru your knowledge is awesome.

Drummer Boys Prayer

Thank you and God Bless yous. I used the product for self-exploration. It certainly made me think of my own spiritual condition and there were parts of the story that were eye-opening and moving. I would certainly recommend this book to everybody who wants to start searching about their own spiritual condition. God bless all of you for the work you do to feed the hungry and tell us God's plan for each of us.

This is a wonderful story about how a Jewish man comes to accept and Love Jesus Christ as his savior and Lord.

The Drummer Boy's Prayer

If you've ever felt discouraged while witnessing, this book is for you! God has many ways to reach a person.

Where to we start?

You might think that your efforts didn't mean anything, but this book shows you that it might have! See how the little seeds planted can help someone make steps to Christ. By the end I was trying to fight back the tears! God is good! My daughter is 10 and she also liked this book.

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Such a great story and easy to understand. Stand by me now.

He never screamed. I couldn't sleep that night.

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When I got there, I was told that sixteen of the badly wounded had died. Christian Commission, accompanied by the chaplain, came to read scripture and sing hymns. She said that the chaplain knelt by Charlie and offered up a passionate prayer. Five days after his amputation, Charlie sent for me. I don't expect to see another sunrise. I want to thank you with all my heart for your kindness to me.

I know you are Jewish, and that you don't believe in Jesus, but I want you to stay with me, and see me die trusting my Saviour to the last moment of my life. So, I hurriedly left. His condition had worsened.

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I remembered thinking how gladly I would have given all I possessed, if I could have felt towards Jesus as he did. After the war and for nearly ten years, I fought against believing in Christ. It did come at a high cost.

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