Sword of the Gods: The Chosen One (Sword of the Gods Saga Book 1)

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The Heroic Age

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Wizards, Check! Prophets, Check!

Valorous knights, Check! Gods, Check!

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Betraying him will cost your soul. He had killed all manner of men. Big men, little men, strong men, weak men.

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Can they prevent disaster, or are they in over their heads? Basically, this ex-succubus comes along, ropes me into a whole ordeal that involves fighting off her old team of supervillains or aliens, whatever you want to call them. Just the two of us? No way in hell! We had to form a team, first, and what a team! Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Are these books no longer free?

Will the discovery of a shocking secret finally set her free?


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Not only do they have to deal with Romans, but Sulobo the slave master and Sukal the javelineer are on the ship, too, just waiting for a chance to wreak vengeance on the two girls. Read on to discover the tragic realities and horrifying truths about The Opium Wars and the utter destruction that followed! Kindle Is this book no longer free? Hashem God created the military races but the falling birth rates means that they are at the point of extinction.

Without genetic material from the Root Race humans , who are believed to be extinct, there is very little chance of saving them. The novel ends as Mikhail regains his memory and manages to send a message to Raphael his best friend and soldier in arms. I am looking forward to reading Volume 2, The Prince of Tyre.

Thank you to Anna Erishkigal, for giving me the opportunity to read and review her book. This was story that took me to an imaginary universe that I actually wanted to physically surround myself in. The mashing of the future and past makes you think what would you do to get a second chance. Mikhail and Ninsianna take a spin on Damsel in distress. You are sad for Lucifer Everywhere people have status or position but are forgotten that they are l This was story that took me to an imaginary universe that I actually wanted to physically surround myself in.

Everywhere people have status or position but are forgotten that they are living beings. It's a beginning with much detail to give you a clear picture of the wild ride your being set for. Wonderful beginning to an epic fantasy series. Thank you made a new fan of me. What a fantastic first novel. Anyone who enjoys a great Sci-Fi Fantasy story should pick this up and read it. You certainly won't be disappointed! I'm looking forward to continuing this series! Oct 11, Patricia rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. Once I started it I couldn't put it down. Awesome take on angels. Mar 06, Jadeja Baptiste rated it it was amazing.

Most awesome book ever. You gotta love it. Oct 12, Dusty rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: everyone. Shelves: favorites. I love this book. It is full of surprises and kept me reading all night long until I finished it. I also love the way it's written, it really gives you a feel of the characters.

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Oct 15, Jennifer Goudreau rated it it was amazing. I loved this book I could not put it down when I started it thank you for picking me to win and read this fantastic book. In The Chosen One Ms. Erishkigal sets a compelling plot within a fascinating universe.

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Her characters are well defined, and the premise she presents is thought provoking. What if the Angels and Demons of Christian mythology were actually space aliens? Or, even better, genetically engineered space aliens. Or, better still, genetically engineered space aliens whose DNA is a mix of human and animal. And, the humans of Earth are the last ones in the galaxy. It is also a gripping political thriller and a touching romance.

Unfortunately, this otherwise excellent effort is marred by a distinct lack of polish. From the first paragraph of the Prologue the reader is caught up in the conflict between the Eternal Emperor and his ancient Adversary.

The Sword of Change

We quickly shift perspectives to the cockpit of a spaceship which has crash landed in the Mesopotamian region of Earth during the year BC. The story then proceeds to jump back and forth between the political intrigues of galaxy-spanning empires and the more personal struggles of the wounded pilot of that spaceship and the Neolithic humans who heal him and welcome him into their lives. The interweaving of these two stories carry the reader on a path filled with interesting characters, subtle mysteries and sometimes heart wrenching pathos.

This book would definitely deserve five stars if the author gave it another pass or two with an editor. Erishkigal's cosmology is, for this reviewer, the most fascinating aspect of this saga. She begins with the Ascended Beings, especially the Eternal Emperor, Hashem, and his adversary, Shay'tan, who each rule over vast empires that span most of the Milky Way Galaxy.

In their millenia-long contest for dominance of this galaxy each relies on armies comprised of specially dedicated races. The Sata'anic Empire's warriors are a sentient reptilian species that emerged 74, years prior to the events of the book. Hashem created these races by combining the DNA of Humans with that of eagles, lions, horses and dolphins respectively. Unfortunately, due to inbreeding to maintain desired though recessive traits and the attrition of near continuous war these races are dying out.

The last known home world of the human root species was destroyed thousands of years ago and with it the solution to the hybrids' dilemma was lost. Or was it? As a result of his injuries he has no recollection of the mission or his life prior to the crash. He is nursed to health by Ninsianna, a woman of uncommon beauty and with a unique personal connection to the goddess known simply as She-Who-Is. Mikhail eventually becomes part of the nearby Ubaid tribe who view him as a prophesied winged savior.

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One can probably guess where this is all going. Mikhail is this story's stand in for Michael the Arch-Angel.