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Losing the Peace - That Sweet Enemy: Britain and France: The History of a Love-Hate Relationship

This is one of them. After our first round of golf, we went to the local pub and a local toasted us with that quote. It makes me smile each time I read it. They were all over the walls of their basement bar complete with a slightly out of tune piano for singalongs and that was one of my favorites.

Something like that.

Sweet Enemy

Preferably mezcal. A warm and inviting toast that celebrates individuals doing things their own way. Just like Bermudians.

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I use it often as it brings back such a joyous memory of him. I always appreciated that reminder to enjoy the people you were with in that moment and space. Our Chilean guide, Victor, taught it to our tour group, and we shared many mealtime toasts this way. Now that I live back in the United States I still use it. It reminds me of my service. We use it often within the family. I love the play on words. Great guy, and a literal magician with a wry sense of humor. Local treasure who never disappoints.

The old misalliance

I must have been about five years old when I first heard him use it. Marine Corps. I have been out of the Corps for 10 years and now live in Riga, Latvia. I still use this toast and my Latvian friends still get a kick out of it. They have websites, international meetings, books, plays, an opera. Then I discovered that it could cover just about anything you drank.

It always made us laugh though. I drank sherry with her like shots! He emigrated for England at a very young age worked hard and became very, very successful. He said the toast was all you needed to succeed. It has special meaning for me because I am a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp and of exile by the Stalinist regime to a small Hungarian village Schweitzer, Toronto, Canada. One of the English guys just started saying it and it caught on.

Even on the show, it was just a toast that some of the characters used, it was never explained. I just liked the sound of it.

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It was kind of ridiculous, but fun to say, and it sounded like something a grizzled, stiff upper-lipped British World War II officer might say. There was a camaraderie to it, which chimed in a way with what you experience when you live abroad. In my group, hardly any of us had family with us. Your friends became your family. So I guess—and we would have ridiculed each other for suggesting this—a little toast like this boosted that sense of being in it together.

Beijing is a transient city, people are always coming and going. And though life is great, there are times when, yes, I wish I was there. Louis, Missouri. The toast refers to the historical industries of Cornwall, fishing and mining for tin and copper in which my Cornish ancestors were engaged.

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I was often the only American in my company housing. We bachelors were usually housed in shared accommodation, so I was often sitting around in the evening with people of several different nationalities. He liked to unwind at the end of his work day by sitting in front of his garage and drinking beer. When we travel, we make an effort to learn how say these three words in other languages ie: Erste Heute, Le Premier du jour, Primo per Oggi.

Ultimately, it is a reminder of the love of family and friends, celebrating together, around the world! If you have a terrific drinking toast of your own to share, head over to our community forums and tell us about it! Responses have been edited and condensed for clarity and length.

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    Just Released! The second edition of our bestselling book. To Your Health May your beautiful lips never blister! The glass is brim. The dew is on the heather. And love is good, and life is long, and friends are best together. Helena An army of sheep, led by a lion, is better than an army of lions, led by a sheep. Give them a whiff of grapeshot. This is often quoted as a command Napoleon issued when dispersing mobs marching on the National Assembly in Paris 5 October , or it is occasionally stated that he boasted "I gave them a whiff of grapeshot" sometime afterwards, but the first known use of the term "whiff of grapeshot" is actually by Thomas Carlyle in his work The French Revolution , describing the use of cannon salvo [ salve de canons ] against crowds, and not even the use of them by Napoleon.

    A constitution should be short and obscure. He told Talleyrand to advise Bonaparte to adopt the former as it was " short and " — he was about to add " clear " when the diplomatist cut him short with the words, " Yes: short and obscure!

    Losing the Peace

    There is no known basis to attribute this saying to Napoleon. It is found unattributed in a Usenet post from July Wikipedia has an article about: Napoleon I of France. Wikisource has original works written by or about: Napoleon Bonaparte.