Rise of the King (The Chronicles of Vlandamyuir Book 2)

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Once he possessed the orb, they would return to Hamstead, reunite the group, and continue the quest. In the small chamber off the main house, Jason greeted Talon when he stuck his head in the doorway. There was color back in his cheeks, and although he was weak, he was awake. The wound he had taken when fighting Lag left him in a coma for nearly two fortnights battling the taint of the enchanted blade.

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We had begun to give up hope of ye ever returning to us. I did not relish the thought of telling Kallum ye did not survive. I did not mean to cause ye to lose faith in me. Where is Kallum, why is he not here?

Where is here? Jason asked as he looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. He had no memory beyond confronting Lag. How much do ye remember? Talon asked, looking back over his shoulder to where Karl, Valencia, and Walis hovered in the doorway. Think ye I may tell him what he has missed? Where are Kallum and the others? Where are we?

Rise of the King (The Chronicles of Vlandamyuir, #2)

Mayhap it would be best if ye rested a little longer, Valencia said. She knew Jason would be upset Kallum went after the next orb without him. Methinks I will not rest until ye have told me. Talon, what have I missed? You might as well tell him, Talon. You and I both know he will settle for nothing less. Keeping it from him will solve nothing.

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Karl came into the room and sat down on the other side of the bed from Talon. It is good to see ye awake again. We were worried for sometime. After ye hear what Talon has to say, work on getting well. Kallum and the rest of us have a need of ye, Walis said as he stood at the foot of the bed. With a smile, Jason nodded and promised he would do his best to recover. He then looked to Talon. He tied ye over yer horse and brought ye to Valencia.

Ye were in a coma and this is the first ye have been awake since then. Kallum waited for a sennight before he decided he would go after the orb —. He went without me?

Jason interrupted and propped himself into a sitting position. Both Karl and Talon pressed him back onto the bed and Jason was too weak to fight back. Forgive me, Jason whispered. He went white with pain and sweat beaded his brow from the effort to rise. It told him how serious a wound he had taken from Lag. Sera, I have never felt so weak. Mayhap ye have had enough. The rest will wait until ye are stronger, Valencia said from the foot of the bed. She moved closer as Jason attempted to rise. With a nod of assent from Valencia, Talon continued, Kallum split our forces, leaving us behind while he went ahead and got the next orb.

front.parohod.biz/personality-and-social-behavior-frontiers-of-social-psychology.php They will come back for us once they are finished and our journey will continue. He wanted only to be certain ye were healed before ye returned to the saddle. Ye know our pace is not one to encourage recovery. Aye, Jason nodded. The disappointment and pain at being left behind was evident in his eyes, along with a grudging acceptance.