Princess Ponies 1: A Magical Friend

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Princess Ponies 1: A Magical Friend. Chloe Ryder March 4, Add to Wishlist. Enter a land of magical ponies in this chapter book series that features illustrations throughout! On an enchanted island far, far away, princess ponies can talk and play.

Princess Ponies 1: A Magical Friend (Paperback)

Eight golden horseshoes give the ponies their magic, but when the shoes go missing from the castle, only a true pony lover can save the princesses and their home. Pippa loves ponies, but she's never had one of her own. Then one summer day, magical seahorses take Pippa to an island where ponies can talk.

The first pony she meets is Princess Stardust and they become friends right away.

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When Pippa learns about the missing horseshoes, she wants to help save the pony island. But Stardust is a trouble maker and she just wants to play. Add a Rating. Gabriella Monday, October 14, at pm. Any young girl who loves horses will be enchanted by this lovely read, taking them away to the magical island of Chevalia - populated by talking horses, unicorns, pegasi and the scary Night Mares.

There's new friends to make and a mystery to solve as well. Overall, this is a great book for young girls who love horses. It's also a fun read for horse loving adults. We plan on getting the whole series now. Close Embed Code. Copy and Paste the code below to your website or blog.

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Stardust wants to cheer her on, but she knows she and Pippa should keep looking for the missing horse shoes. Will Stardust have to choose between her old friend and her new friend?

Or is it okay to have two best friends? Pippa and her Princess Pony friend Stardust head to the grasslands to help — and to search for the missing horseshoes. But is a missing horseshoe hidden in the fields? And when the unicorn mentions a magical tree in the middle of the forest, Pippa thinks there might be a golden horseshoe there.

Are Pippa and Princess Stardust brave enough to face the fire-breathing dragonflies and other scary creatures of the Cloud Forest?

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Three golden horseshoes are still missing. When Pippa and Princess Stardust head to the Wild Forest to search for them, they discover that grumpy Princess Cloud and her friend Cinders are not always as cranky as they seem!

But no one expects to discover an enemy in their midst. It will take them to a dangerous part of the island, and they must be braver than ever before. The future of Chevalia is at stake. Princess Stardust has come all the way from Chevalia to cheer Pippa on in her first big competition.