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The Eternal Kiss: 13 Vampire Tales of Blood and Desire

And the cock began to crow. The young spark heard the cock crowing, and departed. What said the old woman who was in the hut, 'Nita, did you notice that he had horse's hoofs? Then the girl departed to her home.

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And she slept and arose in the morning, and did her work that she had to do. And night came, and she took her spindle and went to the old woman in the hut. And the other girls came, and the young sparks came, and each laid hold of his sweetheart. But the pretty girl looks at them. Then the young sparks gave over and departed home. And only the girl remained neither a long time nor a short time. Then came the girl's young spark. Then what will the girl do? She took heed, and stuck a needle and thread in his back.

And he departed when the cock crew, and she knew not where he had gone to.

Queen of the Damned (6/8) Movie CLIP - I'd Like You to Kill Her (2002) HD

Then the girl arose in the morning and took the thread, and followed up the thread, and saw him in a grave where he was sitting. Then the girl trembled and went back home. At night the young spark that was in the grave came to the old woman's house and saw that the girl was not there. He asked the old woman, 'Where's Nita? For if you don't tell me I will kill your father.

Then he killed her mother, and departed to his grave. Then the girl arose in the morning. And she had twelve. And she said to them, 'See, I have much money and many oxen and many sheep; and they shall come to the twelve of you as a gift, for I shall die to-night. And it will fare ill with you if you bury me not in the forest at the foot of an apple-tree. So the servants, when they arose in the morning, found Nita dead. The servants took her and laid her out decently. They sat and made a hole in the wall and passed her through the hole, and carried her, as she had bidden, and buried her in the forest by the apple-tree.

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And half a year passed by, and a prince went to go and course hares with greyhounds and other dogs. And he went to hunt, and the hounds ranged the forest and came to the maiden's grave. And a flower grew out of it, the like of which for beauty there was not in the whole kingdom. Then the prince took and called the dogs with his horn, and the dogs came not. The prince said, 'Go quickly thither.

Four huntsmen arose and came and saw the flower burning like a candle. They returned to the prince, and he asked them, 'What is it? Then the lad heard, and came to the maiden's grave, and saw the flower and plucked it. And he came home and showed it to his father and mother. Then he took and put it in a vase at his bed-head where he slept. And she took the lad and kissed him, and bit him and pulled him about, and slept with him in her arms, and put her hand under his head.

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And he knew it not. When the dawn came she became a flower again.

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Vik watched her as she ran. Normally, he would have stopped her and made sure she would have forgotten the whole ideal she just witnessed. Not this night.

This night was different. Something in him stopped him from pursuing her. Vik was determined to find out what it was. He ran the opposite direction, towards a cathedral. When he finally arrived, he scaled the building to an opening on top of the tallest tower. This was where he called home for the last century. He went to a desk in the the corner of the small corridor. He sat down, there was a simple book laying in front of him. He opened it up and began jotting down his thoughts. Word would spread of a monster here in Whitechapel.

He had to be swift to find out what this mystery was.

Why didn't he stop her? Why were the flashbacks of his past coming back? Time was now short and he felt something was coming, but what? He knew where he had to go. He had to go to the city of London. There was a secret place, a place where vampires met, he knew he could find answers.

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He had to go to Blood Haven. Aspiring writer of fiction.

I love horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and all sorts of things. Once wrote a book called the Chronicles of Vik, never published. Hoping that people will find my works of fiction enjoyable to read and wanting more. I walk around my gloomy house feeling the shiver of a cold spirit following my every turn. The floor boards creek under my every step, followed by the echo of my haunting shadow whom I never see.

It is the 31st millennium. Under the benevolent leadership of the Immortal Emperor, the Imperium of Man hasstretched out across the galaxy. It is a golden age of discovery and conquest.