Hermann Hesse (Blooms Modern Critical Views)

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Siddhartha By Herman Hesse - Book Review

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    If only one knew what he was on about. Put six Nietzscheans in a room and it ought to be a bloodbath; except, since they're all nancies who fancy themselves as Supermen, there wouldn't be one.

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    Nietzsche was brave and mad enough to kill God: but look what happened to him. His acolytes are, largely, less brave. Andrew McKie.

    Hermann Hesse : Prof. Harold Bloom :

    An individual based on its French author lounges about his luxurious home indulging in pursuits such as embedding gemstones in the shell of a tortoise until, loaded down, it expires. Dripping with Baudelairean ennui and not a little dull itself , A Rebours was a bible for the Symbolists, Oscar Wilde and alienated creative types everywhere. Serena Davies. It's persuasive, especially if you read it, as many do, chillum in hand, in the Himalayas.

    Although, thinking about it now, profundities such as "the secret of the river is there is no time" don't make much sense out of context. The Prophet is a beautifully phrased exercise in pointing out the obvious but Sixties hippy kids loved it. Martin Chilton.

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    A bible to the generation who read it on publication, its influence continues thanks to a Virago reprint. Sarah Crompton. Travelling through the Middle East and Asia in the s, Byron provides detailed descriptions of Islamic architecture, with pungent asides: "The Arabs hate the French more than they hate us. Having more reason to do so, they are more polite; in other words, they have learnt not to try it on, when they meet a European. This makes Damascus a pleasant city from the visitor's point of view. Strange but true: George W Bush read it on holiday when he was President.

    Dominic Sandbrook. Tim Martin. From his reassuring first sentence — "You know more than you think you do" — he revolutionised the way parents thought about their children, asserting the right to cuddle, comfort and follow your instincts.


    He also tells you how to deal with croup. It ends with the words "I love you" scribbled in the margins of the imaginary journal that forms the substance of the novel. Ill at ease with others? You will if you read this. Creepy bit of mind-mechanics by the indifferent sci-fi novelist who founded Scientology. Complicated teen Holden Caulfield at large in the big city, working out his family and getting drunk.

    You've probably read it, be honest. William Blake said that if we could cleanse the "doors of perception" we would perceive "the infinite". Huxley thought mescalin was the way to do so. In this essay, he pops a pill, goes on about "not-self" and "suchness", and decides love is the ultimate truth.

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    He also took LSD when dying, but hardly stuffed it down the way his fans did. Jim Morrison was one: he named the Doors after Huxley's book, gobbled mouthfuls of acid and was dead by O is a beautiful woman who submits to the sadistic whims of various men after she is kidnapped and taken to a chateau to be blindfolded, whipped, branded and pierced. It ends with an odd sense of triumph, O wearing nothing but a mask before a group of strangers. If the sentiment currently short, you must run this Copyright Sorry or even know 15 Get to this population discover not.

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