Finding Your Way: ... to Things that Really Matter (Faithwords)

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Given that our book might not fit easily into a particular genre, do you think it would be wise to seek an agent, who might know better who might be interested?

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If so, any tips about how one finds an agent? Thanks again. This is a good resource here on Bookfox. How does one get permission to do that and how does your editing services work? Knowingly took a lot of honest and trusting peoples money knowing they were closing their doors!

Coming from one of the very hurt and confused Tate authors!!!! How does one submit a manuscript to faithwords? I wrote a Christian fiction book. I was shocked by cfp, price. There is no way I can pay that kind of money. I really just want to share this story that God gave me through a series of dreams with the world. Very Limited income, with a story to tell. If a positive response form them and you want them to publish your work, then there is not change zippo for publish your work with them.

I believe the only real concern that some have is they require exclusive rights to publish your work. Great article. Love the information here. I do find though that most publishers are accepting manuscripts only through an agent.

I recently chose to self publish a series of three Christian books. I find self publishing to be easier than I thought and many friends were kind to me to help with book cover, editing etc. I made sure it was looked over by three pairs of eyes. If you do not have the funds to afford traditional publishers I believe self publishing is a great way to go and most of your money could be focused on promotion. Amazon has several programs to help those just starting out. I had to do a lot of reading etc to figure out which would be best for me.

Just want to encourage those here who might not be in a position to afford traditional publishers to consider self publishing as an option and use a print on demand service for paperback and hard cover like create space. I do hope the writer here explores the self publishing avenue for the readers so they can get their material out. Has anyone come across Covenant Books Publishing? Also, has anyone have a thought about why we should pay upfront instead of the publishers shouldering the costs?

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In traditional publishing the publisher pays you upfront, but there is much more competition. In self-publishing, you pay a company to publish you, but they accept anyone with money. Those are the two options, and there are upsides and downsides to each. My manuscript has been accepted by Covenant Books Publishing but I have a problem with upfront payments. I published one book in with Sarah Book Publishing but they have gone out of business which is ashamed because they were wonderful to work with and they charged absolutely nothing.

In March of this year they were no longer able to keep their doors opened, but all rights to my book were returned to me. They want down and a month for ten months. Too much for me. Neither will the literary agents unless you have your foot in the door somehow. And they will probably go broke. And finally, you have people like CFP who charge you up front. CFP is actually pretty good, in that they allow you to pay in installments.

But finally, publishing costs money which has to come from somewhere. My first ten books were published by a parochial publisher who controlled the content. CFP did accept a book of mine and we are in the finishing stages. I have another book about ready to publish, but my CFP contact advised me to wait until the one they are working on is done and decide then what I want to do. I thought that was interesting.

I know all about the dreams. But I also worked in publishing for 13 years, and I know a bit about how easy it is for dreams to crumble. I figure you need to sell about 2, books to break even.

Best wishes to all of us! Great source of info here. It is a ministry to children about who the Father is.

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With these high aspirations would self publishing even make since over choosing a traditional publisher? Since self-publishing would probably be less expensive per copy, it would likely make more sense to self-publish, because it would be cheaper for the ministries to purchase. I am writing my first Christian book which is about my life.

I need everything from Editing to Publishing. Who is the best Christian Book Publishing Company?

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To help me once I finish writing to completion, and not cost an arm and a leg, and stick by their promises? Very great information even from the comment section. Does Faithwords accept manuscript? Or they are only publishing books from known personalities? For all the people checking into Christian Faith Publishing, this review here seems to take the cake. I was astonished and quite moved by this authors experience. Please, before going to CFP read this review. Mad respect for your resource here and what you provide.

Hello BookFox! I run a nonprofit organization for college women and I have recently written a nonfiction book to encourage the women of my generation. Do I need an editor in order to submit for publication? Do I need to find a literary agent? Where do I locate one? How do I write a submission letter to a publisher? Do I need to copy write my manuscript before I submit?

I have so many questions and I feel so lost. Any help or suggestion would be so appreciated! You can find those few and get a smaller deal, or you can send to a lot of agents in the hope that they can get you a bigger deal.

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I also edit these. No, you never have to copyright your manuscript. It tells of his efforts to reform the Church and the Curia, and more importantly, it offers answers to many questions that Catholics and non-Catholics alike, ask. What is your most appropriate recommendation? I am a retired rhetorics professor and am 84 years old.

Christain Faith are ripe offs they arent christians hen they promise everything and don,t do anything. They claim to give you a big press release, sounded wonderful! Warning these people are crooks. I have a book that will be ready in a few weeks.. Please let me know what I need to do for consideraation?

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All of this and maybe success stories. Why was Christian Xulon Press not on the list? They seem to be on their game with their name and website? As a new author utilizing the channels of traditional publishing, once the author engages via contract for one book title with one publisher, is the author obligated to publish additional series and books that follow with that same publisher?