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A panel of experts convened by the National Academy of Sciences NAS , the nation's pre-eminent scientific advisory group, is almost ready to present the results of a 2-year-long wetlands study requested by Congress.

The purpose of this exercise was to identify the percentage of the earmarked lands - ranging from prairie potholes to huge tidal estuaries - that is trulv worth oreservinp- Srientict, are appalled that the House could not stall the issue at least till the NAS's report was made public. Their point was that there can be no doubt whatsoever on the importance of protecting and preserving these waterbodies which provide habitat for wildlife, filter polluted water and absorb floodwaters. The proposed law seeks to classify the wetlands under different categories on the basis of their water levels and the kinds of plant and animal species they house, with the entire exercise aimed at pruning federal protection to the maximum extent possible.

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Scientists contend that it is almost impossible to rank wetlands in order of relative ecological value as their conditions vary seasonally and regionally. The loudest protests have come from the EPA authorities, seething with resentment at this brazen attempt to shove them into the backseat.

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The act allows federal authorities to prevent loggers and private property owners from foraying into forest areas that are known as habitats for rare animal and bird species. Further, any species to be declared endangered will have to run the gauntlet of a new bill requiring a vote of the legislature, initiated by Republican Senator Slade Gorton.

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  • The bill will also force the government to compensate landowners whose property values decline due the enforcement of the act. In other words, federal officials will have to lobby and clear their way through bureaucratic brushwood to put a species on the endangered list. At least on this issue, the Republicans appear to be carrying the public with them.

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    The Endangered Species Act was passed in primarily to protect animals threatened with extinction. But over the years, it has degenerated into a captive tool for the federal regulation of private land use. It has been branded as the main catalyst of a nationwide property rights movement, apparently fed by the peoples' growing aversion to the "excesses of environmentalism't. The Republicans have reason to chortle. Congress has cashed in on the growing public disillusionment of all things environmental.

    This is the flip side of what is seen as shrill, autocratic environmental overkill, even by pro-environment politicians like Democrat Congressman Tom Hayden.

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    Greenwatchers are convinced that it is time that the electorate is introduced to effective and affordable conservation programmes, which should not be allowed to be scuttled at the whims of politicians driven by corporate interests. The frightening possibility is of the antienvironmentalist lobby getting away with proposals to clobber those environmental programmes that voters believe - often mistakenly - do not work anyway. Green activists have also got the message loud and clear.

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    Mark Murray, head of the pro-recycling group, California Against Waste, is trying out a new strategy to hardsell the pro-green bills he is pushing this year. Instead of emphasising litter reduction and the Bill other ecological benefits of recycling, he is talking about creating jobs and increasing efficiency.

    We're paying for that now," he rues. But now environmentalists seem to be all set to make up for lost time.

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    On Earth Day, various groups launched a "Save the Planet" campaign by circulating a petition demanding that Congress maintain the standards set by the landmark environmental statutes. For a while earlier, environmental groups were left guessing about whether the go0ernment - beleaguered by allegations of political wimpishness - would take the easy way out and dump them.

    While vice-president Al Gore had been spewing venom at the "marauding" Republicans right from the outset, President Clinton himself had preferred to waffle.

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    Fortunately, Earth Day saw him barge out explicitly, threatening to launch offensives against Congress if it carried on with its efforts to "erase 2 decades of environmental gains". Clinton orated in the third person, "The President will vote Theatre for all the Family this Christmas. Posted On : 10th December The Same Faces Improv Comedy.

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