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Perhaps Carlson had hoped to con Tesla buffs into buying yet another celebration of their hero. He has ploughed through what must have been a cubic meter of Tesla correspondence and has worked at the Tesla Museum in Belgrade. Dating from the late 19th century, they are the induction motor and his work with George Westinghouse to promote the generation and use of 3 phase electric power in the United States.

With no signs of success, Morgan refused to go in further and the project was abandoned, leaving behind in a tower feet high and extending a nearly comparable amount into the earth.

NIKOLA TESLA documentary 2015 - BEST Documentary about TESLA !

He died alone, a weird eccentric, in a hotel in New York City in You, the new owner, share the same deep awareness as Nikola. What might he add? This book is part of a small but growing critical historiography of Tesla — a kind of Reformation in Tesla Studies.

Nikola Tesla Archives - Miriam Seidel

The volume derives its thesis from something all serious students of the history of science and technology know: most breakthroughs are overdetermined. There are great minds working on the same problem making simultaneous discoveries. Newton and Leibnitz were developing calculus at the same time and likewise for Darwin, Wallace, and evolution. Bell and Gray were working on the telephone simultaneously, but most people have never heard of Elisha Gray.

Cooper sets his sights on certain myths beloved of the Tesla buff. To name three: Nikola invented alternating current, he created the wireless transmission of electricity, and J. Prior to the s electric motors required the use of a commutator. The spinning portion of the motor, known as the rotor or armature, demanded that the direction of current flow through its insulated turns of wire be reversed at least once in the course of a single rotation.

This meant that current was provided to the armature by a pair of stationary conducting brushes that made contact with a couple of spinning conductors forming a sort of split ring connected to the shaft of the rotating device. These spinning conductors connected with the wires on the armature. This commutator, as it was called, was undesirable for several reasons: it added to the frictional force countering rotation, it resulted in sparking and a loss of energy, and it wore out.

To create the rotating field the simplest way is to connect the motor to a set of three conducting wires each carrying a current that is out of phase with the others.

The plot shows the current in three wires over an interval of time. Figure 1. Current in three wires over an interval of time.

Tesla vs Edison: the AC/DC current wars make a comeback

One advantage of supplying such a current, which requires that three insulated wires comprise the power transmission line feeding the motor, is that the power moving down the line does not pulsate in time but remains constant. One of Nikola Tesla's last remaining relatives is chased by people wanting to steal information they believe he has about inventions that were never finished, but that they think he has.

Friends and strangers get dragged into the hunt, and travel around the world to get the info that he doesn't have. This was a fun read. A fun and entertaining read with lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing right to the very end. And a little bit of real history about one of the most brilliant and influential inventors ever, one whose work is the basis of many of today's technological marvels is an added bonus.

Tesla relatives and descendants of his friends interact to solve the mystery of some of Tesla' s missing notes and possessions. I enjoy the conspiracy theory style writing. Naturally, it is always fun to see the government run in circles.

I'm looking forward to more work by this author. Go to Amazon.

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Manual War of the Currents: Nikola Tesla

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